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and more from my coworker ignorance hit parade

Co-worker L: (regarding homosexuality) “It is a choice based on how you’re raised. Co-worker B grew up surrounded by women, and saw them with men and so he choose to be with men. And that’s history not science. God didn’t put men on earth to be with men”

(not my view, just quoting my ignorant coworker.)

I swear I need to record some of their conversations because they are unbelievable

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And Angelbattle did it again. I’m squeeing over their latest release of skeleton bjds. I really want to see one painted up like a sugar skull

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to an earlier confession about fers. What the frick is that? I understand that it’s some type of clothing, but a definition would be really nice <3

Image by BJDConfessions

Fers is referense to the Dollheart Fer clothing set, featuring a dress, coat, arm warmers, lace collar, and petticoat.  They were first released SD sized in white and black. The came the rainbow of colors(sometimes exclusize to specific dealers) as well as MSD and Yosd sized ones.  I have two myself(no access to the pictures) and love and wish I had more in even more colors.

Dollheart even offers to make them human sized and I would be really tempted to have one as a wedding dress(if there was a chance of me getting married)

And to get an idea google image search

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250 Followers Giveaway



I have by some miracle reached over 250 followers, so this calls for a giveaway. Thank you so much, and I’m really honoured so many people like my blog, so I want to do something for you.


There will be five winners, and the prices will be:

A Withdoll Nana in normal skin, included high-heeled feet and an extra pair of hands. The doll will come with a home-made brown wig, a pair of glass or urethane eyes (you can choose the colour, type will be decided by the colour you choose) and a full outfit. This will consist of a sweater and a pair of salwar. Maybe some shoes if I can dig up some in a matching style. The doll will come blank, but included will be a “gift” card of up to $100 to be used on a face-up artist of your choosing. You get the slot, I’ll pay :)

Four grab-bags. I will mostly only have MSD and Yo-SD sized ones (the sculpts I can make grab bags for are listed under the break at the end of this post), but I will also have two regular-size 70cm boy grab bags available. I tried making for sizes I didn’t have last time, and it got busy so I haven’t even finished them yet (sorry. I hope I can get them out soon, to the two of you who won the,), so I will only do them from clothing I have available this time, some made by me and some purchased stuff I don’t use.

About the prices:

You can only win one prize, but if you won in my last giveaway, you can still win in this one, should you be lucky enough that I draw your name.

If you don’t want the doll, please don’t enter for it. I do not wish for anyone to win it just so they can sell it. If you want it so you can give it as a gift to someone, that is fine (but please let me know), and if you find out after owning it for a while that it just isn’t the doll for you, and decide to sell it, that is fine too (though I’d appreciate if you’d let me know then too). I just want it to go to someone who actually wants it. Pictures of the doll will be up hopefully over the weekend, but she looks just like Withdolls promo-shots.

If you end up selling the stuff from the grab bags, that is fine, as you don’t really know what you get.


  • This is a giveaway to thank my followers, so you do have to follow me to win. As I’m probably going to get a influx of followers following just for this, people who followed me before I posted this will get double the entries. Meaning, one like counts as two likes, one reblog as two reblogs. I have written down my current followers to enforce this.
  • When you reblog, please include in your reblog (not in the tags) which prizes you’d want to win, in the order you want them. Whether or not you want the doll, and which sizes grab-bags would work for you. That will help me if I draw your name twice, and to give you the right size grab bag if that’s what you win. If you do not add this, I won’t count your reblog. For likes I’m going to assume you want the same that is written in your reblog, or if you don’t reblog, that all prizes are okay with you.
  • Both likes and reblogs count as entries.
  • You can reblog once a day. Please add the comment with which prizes you want on each reblog.
  • No giveaway blogs
  • Under normal crcumstances, no side-blogs please. If your main blog is used for your professional work, you may use your personal side-blog instead of that. If you have an all-dolls side-blog, you may also choose to reblog this on that one instead of your main blog. The main point is that everyone should reblog on only one of their blogs.
  • I ship from Norway. The doll will be shipped anywhere in the world with shipping with tracking. The grab bags will be shipped anywhere in the world by regular airmail. If you want tracking you’ll need to pay for it yourself (and it’s rather expensive)
  • You need to be 18 years or older or have your parents consent to give out your address.
  • You need to have your ask box open so I can contact you. If your ask box is closed, you forfeit your price and I will draw a new winner.
  • Giveaway ends on September 7th, 8pm UTC.
  • Prices will be shipped within a week of me receiving your address.

 Good luck!

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Hi, I’ld like to apply for the Withdoll Nana, msd grabba for withdoll boy, and grab bag for soom teenie gems.

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I will tell you all one thing (long post ahead)


You can make beautiful legit colored bjds too. Seriously. They can look like works of art too. No they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Yes you might have to do more research and put some work in! That’s what’s fun to me about this hobby. Not once did I ever think “I want a giant blue oni guy with hooves and I’m going to get a recast because no one offers it”.

I made my own damn blue oni. Out of random parts from random companies.

Not once did I ever think “I want a tan Soom Dia but I missed the order period and don’t want to spend that much. I’ll get a recast”.

I made my own damn tan Soom Dia.

Sure he’s not on the Soom body, and I had to wait (what is this waiting you speak of??) for MONTHS for someone to just sell a HEAD at a price I could pay. But for my grail, it was worth it. It wasn’t even tan!

I wanted a Minifee for cheap. I trolled the MP and found a Karsh head for $60!!!! and put him on a Resinsoul body. Sure he doesn’t have the Fairyland body, but

I made my own damn Minifee.

Please just do a little bit more research. You may not be able to get the *exact* thing you want if you don’t want to spend the money, you can get damn close. For cheap. And it might take some time, and it might be a hybrid (which is perfectly fine) but you will look at it and say

I made my own damn grail.

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Wait… $90 is expensive for a bjd???


O.O Details?

top kek

I spend more on clothes for my ONE doll.

Clearly this person has no idea what these dolls are, and there is almost no way the thing is legit…

Was anyone about to identify the sculpts shown in the listing.  Now I’m kinda curious what company(companies?) that particular dealer is stealing from.

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Wait… $90 is expensive for a bjd???


O.O Details?

Just… Don’t go on the bjd tag. I might have hurt myself trying to hold myself from replying.

Plenty of other people have replied. But seriously 10 bucks more would get you a Resinsoul 27cm. Even less for one of their tinies. 3 bucks more would get you a Mirodoll Lele. That’s not even going into non-resin options. argh!

Maybe they have no idea what they got? Especially if the seller was using the company sales photos. Idk I always want to think the best of people.

From the responses on their blog they seem to think no one will know and they don’t seem to care much. 

And now they’ve deleted the post and all the asks they got about it.